Saturday, February 10, 2007

Opposite of the Tragedy of the Commons

In what is decidedly the opposite of a tragedy of the commons (euphoria of the commons?), the COMMONS project has published its official report. Congratulations Sascha and kc! What a tremendous and exciting effort!

Here is a snippet from the report that captures the essence of the COMMONS project:

Through discussion, debate, and compromise, COMMONS Strategy Workshop participants consented unanimously on the following shared Statement of Purpose:


... a community of interest comprised of local networks, broadly defined, who seek to:

  • utilize a AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) neutral communications infrastructure,
  • mitigate geographic disparities in the cost of Internet access and wide-area network connectivity,
  • enable competitive environment in the connectivity market,
  • benefit from economies of scale, and
  • realize a vision for ownership in an open, universal and scalable backbone infrastructure.

... a community of network operators who:

  • recognize that the future usefulness and security of the Internet depends upon the availability of empirical network data,
  • support the availability of that empirical data to the academic research community, and
  • insist that the data collected and utilized be handled in a manner respectful of personal privacy.

....a community of interest of people who seek to exchange ideas on, and devote resources to, a wide variety of common interests in furtherance of the objectives stated above, including:

  • approaches to social problems that leverage innovative technology and business strategies,
  • political, legal, and regulatory strategies, and
  • community networking.

I'll be writing more on the COMMONS project soon, but for more details, read the whole report, or visit the project page at Caida.